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Eta Iota Omega Chapter History

Charter Members

Chartered on February 6, 1960 as the second Greek letter organization in the city of Inkster, MI.

Eta Iota Omega Chapter Charter Members

                                                                            Johnnie Cheney*                                                              Bonita Merritt*

                                                                            Barbara Evans*                                                            Frances Miller*

                                                                            Rosa Porter Hegeman                                                  Jesse Corine Moner*

                                                                            Pasty L. Herbert*                                                         Lorraine J. Patterson*

                                                                            Masline Horton                                                           Shirley Sharpley*

                                                                            Leonora Hamlin Houston*                                          Marian G. Shelton*

                                                                            Mattie Sommerville*

It is well documented that the "Delightful 13," our Charter Members, emerge from an interest group known as the AKAPals. Their timeless service journey began with a convergence of intersecting careers and interest. The group comprised of teachers, social workers, business entrepreneurs, health care professionals and civic activists. Most were affiliated with with chapters in Detroit, Ann Arbor, but, ironically, the strongest advocates for a sorority presence in Inkster were not affiliated with any chapter at that time. Nonetheless, the ladies' enthusiasm was contagious, and once chartered, they locked arms together and smiled as they embarked on a timeless journey.

In 1960, LaRue Frederick of Alpha Alpha Omega Chapter, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was serving as the sorority's 12th Great Lakes Regional Director. She performed the chartering Ceremony  and installed the officers on February 6, 1960, in the home of Jesse Corine Moner, in Inkster. National Recording Secretary Laura Kate Campbell, of Detroit, and other distinguished visitors were present for this historic occasion. 

To commemorate the chartering of Eta Iota Omega Chapter, the first Founders' Day Observance was a joint worship service. The Sorors worshiped with Lorraine J. Patterson at the St. James Methodist Church, in Inkster, on February 7, 1960.

Sponsoring of Xi Chapter, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan, was approved by the Regional Director, effective September 15, 1960. Menda Ahart was named the Graduate Advisor. A joint meeting hosted at Masline Horton's home was held for Eta Iota Omega members to greet Xi Chapter.

In November 1960, Eta Iota Omega Chapter held its first fundraising project. A festive carnival was conducted at Carver Elementary School, for area families. The friendly fellowship and community presence became well established. Several charitable projects were also initiated. Four dozen dolls were dressed and donated to the Inkster Goodfellows for distribution to needy children at Christmas. Corine Moner led the effort with the assistance of Inkster High School students.

During the early years, Eta Iota Omega's projects focused on awarding college scholarships to graduating seniors, producing a Community Birthday Calendar with advertisements and listings of significant family dates, organizing Career Guidance clinics , and launching its series of "Smartee" Parties.

In 1996, Service Builders Foundation, Incorporated, the philanthropic of the chapter, was established to offer funding, grants and scholarships to support community service initiatives and partnerships with western Wayne County community.  In 1997, Service Builders Foundation, Incorporated received its incorporated certificate.

In 2010, a yearlong Golden 50th Anniversary Celebration Highlights were:

    • $50, 000 in scholarships was presented to graduating Inkster area high school seniors.
    • Community Birthday Calendar project continues to exclusively support chapter scholarships and book awards.
    • Special recognition and service projects for youth and senior citizens.

Today, Eta Iota Omega Chapter vigorously upholds the sorority's focus of providing supreme service to all mankind as its membership has expanded from 13 in 1960 to more than 375 in 2022. 


1990-1994 Great Lakes Regional Director                                   1994-1998 International Regional Director          

Phyllis E. Robinson, PhD                                                              Phyllis E. Robinson, PhD


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Eta Iota Omega Chapter History 1960-2007, Inkster, Michigan; Authors: Willia M. Miller, Willie J. Gay, Phyllis E. Robinson, PhD; December 2007

 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Eta Iota Omega Chapter's Timeless Service Journey; Published in the United States by Eta Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; Authors: Willia M. Miller,  Willie J. Gay, and Phyllis E. Robinson, PhD; Editors: Nestelyn Gay, Gwendolyn McFall and Marilyn Stewart; Library of Congress Control Number: 2014930275; All rights reserved; Originally published: Inkster, Michigan, 2014.


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